Higher Ability Provision

We Achieve!

At Trafalgar school we want to celebrate the success of our most able students to promote our values of aspiration and resilience.

Congratulations to the PE department for being in the top 5% of schools nationally based on 2017 results.

Congratulations to Dylan Godwin who achieved a grade 9 in English, putting him in the top percentage of students around the country.

A fantastic year for Art results, with over 20% of students gaining an A or A* grade!

Congratulations to Dylan Hollingsworth, Jamie Arnell and Harry Chester for gaining the ‘aspiration’ core values awards last term.

Well done to Jack Armour, Natalia Litwin, Oliwia Banka and Hope Wright who received a ‘resilience’ core values award last term.

Wall of Fame. Congratulations to Sanaullah Sahaq, Evelyn Blackmore-Tagg, Leni Taylor, Chris Pearson and  Tia Fraser who’s examples of outstanding work appear on our newly installed Wall of Fame.

Aims and Values

Students who show a high level of flair and aptitude in their work at Traflagar School are identified as higher attaining. These learners are identified on a yearly basis based on KS2 data.

As a school, we recognise that our most able students have the right to learn within the framework of a curriculum that supports and challenges them to make the most of their abilities. Trafalgar school is therefor committed to developing strategies that effectively identify our most able students and providing them with enrichment opportunities and classroom experiences that deeper and broaden their understanding of a range of topics.

Although it may be assumed that all most able students will achieve success in the education system easily, this is not always the case. Appropriate support from teachers, parents and peers together is needed.

At Trafalgar our aim is to ensure the provision of opportunities to boost the attainment, motivation and self-confidence of all students.
We provide this in a number of ways:

  • Differentiated lessons
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Educational visits and trips
  • Information on wider opportunities

Supporting Your Child At Home

Encourage your child to take risks and try things that would normally be outside of their familiar experience.

Visit local museums. Often the museum will have activities that can be a part of a child’s enriched learning. Show you are interested in visiting ; discuss what you like, you dislike and you enjoy and why you feel as you do.

Provide good books magazines, papers, journals, manuals, any reading matter that stimulates interest in the specific interests of your child but also in obscure areas of knowledge.

Reading Lists:

Futuristic Visions  | Horrific Reads |  Magical Tales  |  Myths and Legends

Guides to supporting your child:

Helping your child learn transition |  Helping your child learn year 8 and 9  |  Helping your child learn year 10 and 11

Always praise when deserved and always encourage effort and risk-taking. Never praise for praising’s sake.

Travel and explore in whatever context you can, whether visiting an exotic location or walking down every road or street in your area beginning with ‘t’!

Support access to libraries and to the internet.

Make time to talk with your child, not just about what they have done at school but a more broad conversation about what is happening in the world; the economy, technological trends, humor, things you have read.

Ask their advice about solving problems; not to add a load to their lives but to seek their advice. A clever, quick mind tends to think about what is or might be possible, rather than ‘it can’t be done’.

Create a learning–study environment and commit time to the school–home learning partnership.

Enrichment. Upcoming Events

PD Day. Aspiration. Monday 5th February

We are really excited about the range of inspiring activities our students will be able to participate in  on our next personal development day!

Ex-student, and national amateur middle weight boxing champion, Jack Stringer will be returning to Trafalgar to share his road to success with year 7.

Year 10 will be working on their employability, honing their CV writing and interviewing skills culminating with a mock interview with our panel of local business owners.

Years 11 and 9 have the opportunity to explore the complexities of careers in finance as they work together to take part in the stock market challenge.

Portsmouth ‘Youth Speak’

A fantastic 12 week work shop course aimed at developing public speaking, debating and augmentative writing skills. Our students will have the opportunity to work with local politicians and business owners to refine their skills.

The event will culminate in a cross city debate and we’re sure Team Trafalgar will prevail victorious!

Selected year 9 and 10 students. Starts 19th February.

KS3 Science Club.

The science department t will be running a weekly club (details) to challenge and extend the thinking of our most able KS3 students. The club will provide our most able students the opportunity to conduct more tricky experiment and explore their scientific understanding in far more detail.

Cosmology Museum Trip

Look out for the upcoming Science visit to the cosmology museum.

Year 9 Reading buddies.

At Trafalgar School we like to help promote the highest standards of literacy for all.  With this in mind, and to celebrate world book day, some of our most able year 9 students will be going out into the community to our feeder schools, reading with a range of year 5 and 6 pupils.

Previous Events

University of Portsmouth, able linguists revision session.

Year 11 were given the opportunity to revise for their GCSE language course at the University of Portsmouth. University staff were able to challenge our students, developing their skills

‘Rocking your Teens’ Boys event (year 9 and 10)

10 of our year 9 and 10 students went to the Rocking your Teens conference in London. The day was inspiration, focused on motivational presentations from

Look out for the girls event later this year!

Portsmouth Court Visit. (Year 10)

Our most able year 10 students were given backstage access to Portsmouth’s Law Cort to gain an insight into what a career in law might entail. As well as grilling a judge about her day to day work, our students were invited into Court to see live cases to enhance their understanding of this career choice.

Bespoke Revision.


Selected most able students are invited to joining Mrs Carrick for a series of revision writing workshops. These are aimed at ensuring pupils are ready to hit the highest grades in the writing section of the GCSE English Language

Useful Websites to Help Support the Most Able Students:

GIFT is a company  providing extension workshops across subjects

The National Association for Gifted Children

The National Association for Able Children in Education










www.activehistory.co.uk (ask your teacher for the password)



Classic FM & BBC Radio 3




The Royal Institution for summer programmes




Business Studies

Times 100 case studies


nrich.maths.org.uk (and ASKNRICH)


www.pass.maths.org (plus online maths magazine)

www.m-a.org.uk/ (The Mathematical Association)

www.atm.org.uk/index.html (The Association of Teachers of Mathematics)

motivate.maths.org/ (Maths video conferences for schools)



www.technologystudent.com (See also their website links)