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Welcome to the student area of our website!

The students at Trafalgar School have a real voice in the developments and direction of our school. Within the recently formed student council, the students now have an ever increasing say in matters such as curriculum, our mission to become a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, behaviour for learning and charity support. They also play a key role in the recruitment of all new staff.

As we continue to rapidly improve, more opportunities will become available for our students in the younger year groups to take on leadership roles.

We hope that you find everything you are looking for in this section.

Welcome from the Head Boy and Deputies

I am extremely privileged to have been appointed Head Boy of Trafalgar School. It is also a privilege to have such reliable deputies, Stephen Rowland and Tyler Anthony. Together with our Prefect Team, we aim to drive Trafalgar School onwards with the help of the students and staff to make this school the outstanding success that it has proved it has the potential to be.  With the support of my deputies, I aim to further increase student involvement in the school and the wider community.


I am ecstatic to receive the role of Deputy Head Boy, along with Stephen and Head Boy Wadood. My aims are to help Trafalgar School on its journey of improvement and making sure that the students are happy to be at school.  By having a good connection with Student Council, we can help make Trafalgar School one of the best schools in Portsmouth.

It is a great honour to be Deputy Head Boy of such a great school.  I am looking forward to working with my colleagues Wadood and Tyler to continually make improvements to a school that has experienced rapid change for the better. I wish to leave a long lasting positive mark in our school's history and make all students feel that their voices are louder than ever and can have a bigger impact on our great school.

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