Welcome to the Students Section

Welcome to the student area of our website!

The students at Trafalgar School have a real voice in the developments and direction of our school. Within the recently formed student council, the students now have an ever increasing say in matters such as curriculum, our mission to become a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, behaviour for learning and charity support. They also play a key role in the recruitment of all new staff.

As we continue to rapidly improve, more opportunities will become available for our students in the younger year groups to take on leadership roles.

We hope that you find everything you are looking for in this section.

Welcome from the Head Boy and Deputies

I am proud and honoured to have bestowed upon me the mantle and role of Head Boy, along with the appointment of my Deputies Christian Byatt and Dylan Hollingsworth and of course my prefect team. We aim to keep Trafalgar School moving onwards and upwards by discussing new ideas, communicating effectively and working with the student body via our school council to achieve our projects and objectives this year. I am very proud to be leading and representing my school.

It is with great honour and pleasure that I accepted the role of Deputy Head Boy.  I look forward to the coming year where I will work tirelessly with Dylan and James to leave a long lasting legacy here at Trafalgar.  I am pleased to have been chosen to lead the school and am excited to see what the future holds for all students and staff.

I am honoured to be awarded the role of Deputy Head Boy, along with Christian and the Head Boy James. I aim to keep improving Trafalgar School and making sure that the school is meeting all of its expectations. By working with the prefect team and the school council, we can make Trafalgar a better place for all students, staff and our community.

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