Zoolab provided animal magic today at Trafalgar School

Trafalgar School was alive with animal magic today as our Year 8s had an exciting science with the injection of live animals for them to engage with, as well as to understand the relevance of animals to us as human beings and our place on this planet. The students were excited, enthralled and a little apprehensive to meet Moira the Giant African Millipede, Poppy the Pink Bird Eating Tarantula and Syd the snake, as you can imagine, whilst Henry the tortoise was not too foreboding!

Whilst learning all about these animals, their biology and habitats, some students were brave enough ‘to get up close and personal’ by volunteering to hold / stroke them during their session! Our Zoolab presenter was also impressed with the knowledge that our Year 8s demonstrated, as well as the in-depth questions they posed; a reflection of their inquiring minds.

This voyage of discovery has no doubt fired their enthusiasm to broaden their knowledge of topics such as habitats, classification and even rainforests. Well done Year 8s, you made our arachnid, reptilian and diplopoda friends feel welcome!