Year 8 Options

Welcome to the Year 8 options’ process. We hope this page will provide you with all of the information you need.

Please download a digital copy of our options booklet and watch the subject videos below, which together have the information you need to make the right choice.

When you are ready to select your choices, you will find the form at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Option choices

At Trafalgar School we recognise that every child learns differently and have designed our curriculum accordingly. The video below gives a flavour of each subject on offer and further details can be found in the options booklet (available to download here).

Students will study five of these subjects in Year 9. One must be history or geography and we ask that students consider the study of French or Spanish.

On the options form you will be asked to make seven choices in total. All of these choices should be subjects your child would be happy to take.

Core Curriculum

Everyone studies these subjects until the end of Year 9 and the videos give you a flavour of what is to come:

Key Information

Options booklet

Options form

*This form will go live from Monday 8th February*

How to fill out your form

To help you make these choices, your child’s tutor will call you this week to arrange a 30-minute meeting with you and your child next week.

This meeting will enable you and your child to talk through any questions you may have.

This meeting will be held via School Cloud.

During the course of the week, you should receive a phone call from your child’s tutor inviting you to a tutor progress meeting next week.

Ordinarily we would invite you onsite for these meetings, but given the current situation, sadly we are unable to do this. We have purchased new software which we hope will enable you to attend your virtual appointments with ease!

To attend your appointment, please follow the instructions below:

1) Browse to

2) Log in: Fill out the details on the page then click the Log In button*

3) Your appointment time will be displayed and an hour before a link will appear, which when you click on it, will take you to your meeting.

*Any problems logging in please call us and ask for the student services team.


Students will choose 5 options. One MUST be history or geography, leaving 4 option choices.

We ask students to make more than 5 choices in case we are unable to run a subject or a preference does not fit on the student’s timetable. All the subjects that a student selects should be ones that they would be happy to study.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen often. If this is the case, we will call you and discuss this with you.

You can find the email for the Head of the department on the subject page of the options booklet.

We aim to let students know on May 21st 2021. This will be sent home to parents / carers.

We allow students to request a change to their choices in the first two weeks of the Autumn term. If your child feels they have made the wrong choice in this time, please chat to your child’s tutor who will be able to help.

Students who have had literacy intervention rather than a languages lesson do not need to select a language.

Your child’s tutor is in the best position to discuss this with you. They will be in contact with you over the next week to arrange a tutor progress meeting, during which you will be able to discuss the options process.

We run a final options process in Year 9 to allow students to make their final choices so no, not necessarily.

Key Dates

Wednesday 3rd February:
Year 8 Virtual Options’ Evening / Year 8 Options Website Page goes live to parents and students.

Monday 8th Feb – Friday 12th Feb:
Year 8 Tutor Progress Meetings

Friday 5th March:
Deadline for completed forms – The option form is available on the school website ‘Year 8/9 Options page, as a google document. Please click on the link and complete the form; it will send automatically once completed.

Friday 21st May:
Option choice confirmation issued to students and parents/carers.

September 2021:
Year 9 courses begin

Friday 25th September 2021:
Final option subject change requests deadline. Students will not be able to change courses after this date.