Year 7 Work for Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th September

Dear Year 7, We cannot wait to welcome you into Trafalgar School on Thursday 9th September! This week we are providing online learning for all our Trafalgar students to be completing at home from Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th. We have planned some exciting tasks for you to begin working on, including: a humanities project, a literacy challenge and our Trafalgar School challenges which give you the opportunity to win praise points for your House. There is lots of work to keep you busy and get your brains geared up ready for Thursday! Please don’t worry if you are not able to complete every single task (because we do all work at a slightly different pace!). Take a look at the tasks, pick your challenges and give them your best shot! Your Heads of House are looking forward to greeting you at the school gates on Thursday morning. Miss Raeburn  

Challenge Booklet

Year 7 Literacy Challenge

Year 7 Humanities Project