Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Staff Code Forename Surname Role Email
CCO Claire Copeland Headteacher
GPE Gemma Pearse Deputy Headteacher [email protected]
AGH Annika Ghose Assistant Headteacher – Progress & Outcomes [email protected]
ARA Alice Raeburn Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning [email protected]
MCA Mark Cathie Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Attitudes [email protected]
LCL Lucy Clark Acting Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum/ Director of English [email protected]
CPA Claire Parsons Director of Mathematics/ Pupil Premium Co-ordinator [email protected]
MMI Omed Miah Director of Science [email protected]
CSE Cathy Seal Director of Inclusion [email protected]

 Teaching Staff

Staff Code Forename Surname Role
CAL Carrie Alexander Lead Practitioner – Maths/Teaching & Learning Team
CAR Charlotte Argyle Head of House Victory/Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
TAU Tim Au Teacher of Science
XBL Xian Blackman-Price Teacher of History
TBO Thalia Bothma-Lubbe Teacher of Maths
MCA Mark Cathie Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Attitudes/ Teacher of Maths
DCH Deborah Chandler Head of Geography
LCH Lyn Charleston Teacher of Maths
LCL Lucy Clark Acting Assistant Headteacher/Director of English
CCO Claire Copeland Headteacher
MCO Martyn Coram Subject Leader – Religious Education
LCU Lexi Cunningham Assistant Head of House – Sovereign/Teacher of Science
PDU Peter Dudley Head of House Temeraire/Teacher of PE
ADU Alexandra Dudman Lead Practitioner – English/T&L Team
SED Samantha Edwards Teacher of Dance
KER Kelly Erridge Assistant Head of House – Temeraire/Teacher of Physical Education
MFL Mirianna Fleming Assistant Head of House – Britannia/Teacher of English
PFL Paul Flexman Teacher of Science
CFU Chris Furnell Assistant Head of House – Victory/Teacher of Physical Education
FGE Faith Geehan Curriculum Leader – Art, Design & Technology
AGH Annika Ghose Assistant Headteacher – Progress & Outcomes
FGR Florence Green Teacher of Science
MGR Matthew Gronow Head of House Sovereign / Teacher of Geography
CHA Christine Harding Teacher of Maths
AHO Amber Hodge Second in Maths
THO Tina Hopkins Teacher of Humanities
SJO Sarah Johnson Teacher of English
GKE Grace Kemp Teacher of English
AKO Aamir Kohli Curriculum Leader – Modern Foreign Languages
EMA Emma Lawson Teacher of Maths
OLO Orry Loader Teacher of Physical Education
DMA Dawn Martin Teacher of Science
MMC Megan MacDonald Teacher of Art, Design and Technology
MMI Omed Miah Director of Science
GMO Grant Morris Head of House Britannia / Teacher of Food Technology
JMO Janet Morrison Curriculum Leader – Humanities
RMO Russell Morrison Teacher of ICT/Computing
RMU Ryan Mounteney Subject Leader – Music
CMU Chris Murphy Curriculum Leader – ICT/Computing/Business Studies
LNE Laura Nerssessian Curriculum Leader – Physical Education/Health & Social Care/Teaching & Learning Team Leader
BNE Bethany Newell Teacher of English
CPA Claire Parsons Director of Maths / Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
GPE Gemma Pearse Deputy Headteacher
ARA Alice Raeburn Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning
SRA Selma Rahmouni Subject Leader – Spanish
CRA Chloe Randles-Henshaw Teacher of English
HRE Holly Reid Curriculum Leader – Performing Arts
SSA Shannon Sawicki Teacher of English
CSE Catherine Seal Director of Inclusion/SENCO
CSI Charlene Simms Lead Practitioner – Science/Teaching & Learning Team
JSM Julie Smith Teacher of Maths
RST Rebecca Sturgess Teacher of Art and Design
SSW Sarah Swaffer Teacher of English/Literacy Co-ordinator/Higher Attainers Co-ordinator/Teaching & Learning Team
RTU Rhiannon Tucker Second in Science
KWA Kirsty Watts Second in English


DBO Deborah Bottauscio MFL PGCE
JED Jordon Edwards English PGCE
OFA Oliver Fage History Trainee
ELE Emma Leeson English PGCE
RML Rachel Moller Maths Trainee

Support Staff

Staff Code Forename Surname Role
RBE Robyn Beames Inclusion / Administrative Support Assistant
JBE John Beveridge Site / Facilities and Community Manager
JBL Juan Blasco Borboto Facilities Assistant
SBR Sarah Brockwell Lead Teaching Assistant Maths
ECA Elaine Cawte Inclusion Assistant
ACO Amanda Collis Headteacher’s Personal Assistant
TCR Tracy Crouch Senior Inclusion Assistant
JDA Jillian Davey Student Services Assistant
RDA Rebecca Davis Inclusion Assistant
CDR Chloe Dridge Lead Teaching Assistant
JED Judith Edwards Exam Invigilator
LEL Lucy Ellis Admin Manager
SFE Stuart Fenwick Digital Marketer
CFO Charlotte Follett Inclusion Assistant
RFO Rea Forbes Head of Centre SEMH
BGR Ben Graham Pastoral Support Worker
SGR Saffron Grandage Science Technician
AGR Angela Gray Senior Science Technician
JGR James Grey Art, Design and Technology Technician
TGU Thiba Gunasekaran Inclusion Assistant
HHA Hazel Hammond Student Services Manager
BHA Billy Hartley-Mills IT Manager
FHO Fiona Hogan Inclusion Support Assistant
AHU Adele Hulme Exam Invigilator
KJA Kevin James Art Design & Technology Technician
FJE Francesca Jefferies Inclusion Assistant
KJE Kimberley Jeffery-Davis Learning Resources Centre Manager
AJO Amy Johnston Apprentice Administration Assistant
MJO Matt Johnson Facilities Assistant
NKE Natalie Kelly Deputy Student Services Manager
FLA Frederika Latif Exam Invigilator
MLA Mark Latter Facilities Assistant
JLE Jodie Leason-Bentley Deputy SENCO
GLE George Lewis Apprentice IT
MMA Maria Marsh Inclusion Assistant
RMR Ruth Moore Student Services Assistant
JMU Jacqui Murphy Senior Administration Assistant
SNU Sharon Nutland Administration Assistant
JPA Jacqueline Pashby-Taylor Inclusion Assistant
JRA Jennifa Rahman Lead Teaching Assistant
GRE Gillian Read Exam Invigilator
LRI Louise Richards Exam Invigilator
ERO Emma Roberts ARC Centre Manager
TRO Trecie Roberts Lead Teaching Assistant
ARO Alice Robinson Lead Teaching Assistant: Speech & Language
PSC Phoebe Schofield Attendance & Pastoral Support Worker
JSH Julie Shuttleworth Lead Teaching Assistant
JRS Jade Smith Inclusion Support Assistant
JSI Joanne Smith HR Officer
LSM Leanne Smith Inclusion Assistant
SDS Stefan Swaffer Lead Teaching Assistant
JWY Janice Wyles Exam Invigilator
PYO Paula Young Lead Inclusion Assistant