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“Everyone helps each other out! Students are kind and respectful to each other.”
Ruby – Year 10

“We are a team and although we think differently, we are included in this school and nobody is left out.”
Jamie – Year 9

“Lessons are enjoyable because teachers try and make them as fun as possible whilst still learning so much.”
Darcy – Year 9

“I like the praise points system, as I am rewarded for my hard work and can save them up for a treat.”
Leni – Year 9

“The House system allows us to become closer as friends and as a community, whilst the competition keeps it interesting.”
Thalia – Year 11

“Vertical tutoring may seem scary, but it’s just like being a big family.”
Thalia – Year 11

“Trafalgar has a great sense of community, so bullying is really rare.”
John – Year 9

“I really enjoy coming to school and feel safe and supported.”
Maisie – Year 9

“You should come to our school because it’s the best!”
Darcy – Year 9

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