Trafalgar welcomes HRH Prince Edward on Thursday 26th April 2018

Trafalgar School was incredibly excited and honoured to welcome HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex to the school on Thursday 26th April 2018.  Our students were thrilled at the opportunity to receive Prince Edward to their school on his royal visit regarding the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, which was being hosted on the school’s site; The Earl of Wessex has recently assumed many duties from his father, the Duke of Edinburgh.

HRH Prince Edward conversed with our students about their school and their experiences, and the students were delighted to tell him about their experiences and how proud they were of their school.  He commented on the warm and wonderful reception they had provided for him and how he had looked forward to meeting them.

HRH was then invited to see a number of demonstrations from schools and colleges in Portsmouth who are all taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.  Trafalgar students were keen to demonstrate their animal care knowledge and proficiency as they introduced HRH Prince Edward to the lizard ‘Blue’, and explained about the unique care required to look after him and help him thrive.  Another group demonstrated their sporting coaching skills, and explained how they had used them to coach primary school pupils in the local area to gain confidence, engage with sport and enjoy learning these new competences.

Our Headteacher, Mrs Copeland, accompanied HRH with a group of VIPs whilst he engaged and asked questions about all of the displays and demonstrations, appreciative of the talents and commitment exhibited by the young people in attendance.

The royal visit was a real success and indeed a highlight in Trafalgar’s history.  We would like to thank the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for inviting us to be a part of this day, and also many thanks to HRH Prince Edward and his entourage for making the day so memorable for all involved.