Trafalgar Sports Leaders and Captains support Olympian Rower to inspire confidence and leadership

Trafalgar Sports Leaders and Captains took part in a Youth Sports Leader Camp today, delivering sport to younger students in the community, along with the Olympian Rower, Toby Garrett, as a young athlete mentor. The students learnt various skills and strategies, which will be used to deliver sessions to the younger students of our school to inspire and encourage them to become more confident in themselves and try new challenges. The experience was enriching and beneficial to our sports students, helping to develop their confidence as leaders. The day consisted of looking at the qualities of good leaders, and then reflecting on how the students could use those attributes within their sporting activities as well as school life in general. Overall, it was a very memorable experience that allowed them to display their own leadership qualities as well as the opportunity to reflect on important values.

By Widad Ali
I was privileged enough to work alongside Olympian, Toby Garbett, where I also delivered a presentation in front of all of the different schools attending. The presentation was focused on the struggles I faced and how I overcame them. I would like to continue on sharing my story to my fellow students as a Young Role model.

By Toby Garbett (Olympic Rower)
Widad did amazing especially as we ended up not having a working projector. She is an amazing young role model that should be heard. If there is a way of her sharing her story to other years, it would be great for her and them to hear.

Well done to all that took part! #leadership #learningotdayleadingtomorrow # aspiration #community #teamtrafalgar