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At Trafalgar school we believe that home learning is an integral part of teaching and learning and essential for student’s development. Home learning promotes independence, teaches responsibility and helps students develop good study habits. In addition, home learning can help to reinforce learning from within lessons, encourage reflection and stretch and challenge students learning.

Independent, self-directed study is an important part of home learning and an expectation of students in upper school.

"Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education."
(2010) White Paper, Excellence in Schools

  • Home learning should always be planned in advance as part of an ongoing scheme of learning and students need to be given appropriate time to complete it. Home learning should not be expected to be completed within 24hours as this doesn’t allow for support if needed and doesn’t take into account commitments families may have in one evening.

  • Home learning should always be differentiated to ensure all students are challenged and supported appropriately in their learning.

  • Home learning must be recorded in student planners and logged on INSIGHT to promote good organisational skills and to allow parents to support and engage in home learning with students. Teachers must check that when home learning is set, it is written clearly in planners by all students. Teachers must also ensure that home learning is uploaded onto PARS with clear instructions and deadlines shown.

  • Successful completion of home learning and effort made towards independent study will be rewarded to support and motivate students with their learning. If home learning is not completed, support will be put in place for students. After school support sessions will run and students not completing home learning will be expected to attend. This will be communicated with parents via student planners.

  • Feedback on home learning is essential to support students in making good progress. Feedback can be through peer and self-assessment but recognition of students work should always be made by teachers and rewards given to celebrate achievement. Exam questions will vary between being peer, self and teacher assessed. Student’s home learning attitudes and success will be reported to parents throughout the year via our termly reports.

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