Our Curriculum

At Trafalgar School we passionately believe in providing a broad and balanced curriculum experience for all of our students. Our curriculum enables every student to experience success with their learning and achieve their full potential by encouraging them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. All our students experience a curriculum that promotes high aspirations and embodies the school motto ‘Learning today, leading tomorrow’.

A curriculum that enables our students to;

  • study a full range and breadth of subjects delivered by specialist teachers.
  • specialise in subject areas that they are particularly good at and interested in for their KS4 qualifications.
  • personalise a route best suited to their academic ability and strengths
  • achieve the best grades possible in a range of subjects.
  • discover themselves, their beliefs, values and their world.
  • celebrate their successes and challenge them to be even better.

Key Stage Three

At Years 7 and 8 our core curriculum offer is as follows;


Subject Number of lessons over 2 weeks
English 10
Maths 10
Science 8
PE (inc Dance) 4
Art 2
DT 3
Computing 2
Drama 2
Geography 4
History 4
Music 2
RE 2



In year 8, students will select five option choices to study in more depth. Year 9 is a skills based year which prepares our students for the demands of the KS4 courses.



The Y9 Curriculum

In Year 9 students will continue with their core curriculum offer.

Subject Number of lessons over 2 weeks
English 10
Maths 10
Science 10
PE 4


In the summer term of Year 8 students will decide which 5 subjects they wish to specialise in for Year 9. This year will be a skills based course to better prepare the students for the demands of the new GCSEs.

  • 5 options of 4 lessons each.
  • At least one of these options must be either History or Geography and both humanities will be possible.
  • The option subjects would be chosen from:

History, Geography, Art, Food, Resistant Materials, Graphics, Textiles, Dance, Drama, Computing, IT, Spanish, Music, PE, RE


The Year 10 and 11 Curriculum

Students will continue with the following core subjects;

Year 10

Subject Number of lessons over 2 weeks
English 10
Maths 10
Science 12
PE 4


In addition, in the Spring term of Year 9, students will decide their options for Year 10 in the following way;

  • 4 options of 6 lessons each.
  • The first option selected must be either MFL, History or Geography
  • The remaining 3 options would be free selections.
  • The option subjects would be chosen from:

History, Geography, Spanish, Art, Food, Graphics, Photography, Design Technology, Drama, Music, Dance, Computing, PE, RE, Business Studies, CIDA, Travel and Tourism and Textiles

  • The Ebacc will be recommended and encouraged for the majority of students but not all.

Key Stage Four 

Core Compulsory Subjects

In Key Stage 4 all students study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science. They will also have on their timetable PE.

English Baccalaureate Subjects (EBacc)

Students choose four additional subjects to study at Key Stage 4 alongside the core curriculum.  The majority of students are expected to take both a language and a humanities subject, giving them a combination of subjects which forms the English Baccalaureate and demonstrates ability and achievement in a broad range of academic subjects.  These subjects are: Computing, History, Geography, French or Spanish.

Choices Subjects  

For their remaining subjects, students can choose from the courses offered by the Arts team, Technology and Sports department and the Business team. We offer a range of qualifications in these areas including GCSEs and BTECs (a GCSE equivalent). These add breadth and depth to the diversity of our Key Stage 4 curriculum.


In Years 7 and 8 all students study the Combined Sciences curriculum of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. During Year 9, depending upon career aspirations and ability, students will have the option to study the three sciences as individual subjects enabling them to take three GCSEs. Other students will be able to continue with the core Combined Sciences course and also take Additional Science, enabling them to take two GCSEs.


Trafalgar School will make a recommendation for each student’s choices over the next three years. In making this recommendation the school tries to balance a number of important factors:

  • The student’s strength in each of the subjects
  • The need to have a broad and balanced approach to their subject choices
  • The importance of giving students the most appropriate qualifications they will need in the future


Please note that whilst we work hard to provide choice for students and to give as many as we can their first choice, this is not always possible. With some courses the course is only possible to run if a sufficient number of students choose it. Should this happen we will be in touch with you to discuss the best next steps.

Our curriculum offer is reviewed annually to ensure we are meeting the needs of our learners whilst also satisfying government performance measures.