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Last Day of Term Arrangements – House Cup Excitement!

As is our tradition, we like to spend the final day of each term as a whole school celebrating the achievements of our students. The sense of community and inclusion is something we feel passionately about and coming together at the end of term epitomises these values.
As has been widely advertised, we are hosting the final assembly at the Mountbatten Centre. All students are included in this event and will travel there together with all staff. The school day will end at approximately 12.30pm and unless you state otherwise, your child will be dismissed from The Mountbatten Centre.
The plans for the day are as follows:
1. Lessons run as normal up until break time at 10:10am
2. The canteen will be open as usual during break time
3. At 10:30am all students will meet as a House
4. Students will then be escorted with their tutor(s) to the Mountbatten Centre to arrive at approximately 11am (weather appropriate jackets / sun cream are recommended)
5. Following the assembly, students will be dismissed directly from the Mountbatten Centre Sportshall to make their own way home. If you are planning to pick up your child, we advise parking in the car park nearest to Portsmouth Gymnastic Club.

Students who cycle to school may leave their bicycle in the school bike sheds and return to school after the assembly to collect it, alternatively they may wish to push their bicycle to the Mountbatten Centre and secure it there so they can ride it home at 12:30pm following the assembly.

If you wish for your child to travel by minibus to The Mountbatten Centre, please let us know in advance.

Please contact the school if the above causes you a problem.