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In the event of school closure, or for any pupils self isolating as per the latest government advice, please see below for work that can be completed at home.

List of classes and invite codes for Google Classroom:

Google Classroom

We have set up learning resources that can be accessed from home in the event of students having to self isolate/school closure.

How to access Google Classroom:

Students have been provided with logins for Google Classroom, where students will be able to access work provided by their teachers for the majority of their subjects. Their @trafalgarconnected.com accounts are Gmail accounts and it is these that they will log in to Google apps with.

Google Classroom: Click Herea space for students and teachers to deliver, share and feedback on school work.
Google Drive: Click Hereyou can store, share and access a range of files and folders here.
Gmail: Click Herestudents can sign into this with their trafalgarconnected accounts.
Alternatively you can download the Google Classroom, Google Drive & Gmail apps for free on the App Store/Google Play Store.

Other Apps available that allow you to complete work:

  • Google Docsfor written work
  • Google Slidesfor presentations
  • Office Word – for written work
  • Office Powerpoint – for presentations

It is possible that students will need to complete work with other apps as directed by their teacher. It is important to understand that you should under no circumstances pay for anything. If in doubt please contact your child’s teacher.

Any questions please email Mr Murphy: [email protected]
Any login issues please email IT Support: [email protected]

Additional Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize: Click Here – GCSE and KS3 revision for a wide range of subjects.
Hegarty Maths: Click HereStudents already have login details for this.
Spellzone: Click HereOnline spelling course. Students all have accounts created for this.
Kahoot: Click Here
Seneca Learning: Click Here

Have a question for your Teacher?

Here you can find a list of your teachers by department, should you have any questions about your work or need some support.

Mrs Copeland [email protected]
Miss Pearse [email protected]
Mr Cathie [email protected]
Miss Ghose [email protected]
Miss Raeburn [email protected]
Ms Clark [email protected]
Mrs Parsons [email protected]
Mr Miah [email protected]
Mrs Seal [email protected]
Miss Davis [email protected]
Mrs Dudman [email protected]
Miss Fleming [email protected]
Miss Newell [email protected]
Mrs Swaffer [email protected]
Mrs Watts [email protected]
Mrs Fraser [email protected]
Miss Alexander [email protected]
Ms Hodge [email protected]
Mrs Harding [email protected]
Miss Mulgrew

[email protected]

Mrs Smith [email protected]

Miss Tucker [email protected]
Mr Au [email protected]
Miss Cunningham [email protected]
Mr Flexman [email protected]
Miss Green [email protected]
Miss Simms [email protected]
Mr Kohli [email protected]
Mrs Argyle [email protected]
Miss Rahmouni [email protected]
Mrs Morrison [email protected]
Miss Blackman-Price [email protected]
Mrs Chandler [email protected]
Mr Coram [email protected]
Mr Gronow [email protected]
Ms Keane [email protected]
Ms Nerssessian [email protected]
Mr Dudley [email protected]
Mr Furnell [email protected]
Miss North [email protected]
Mr Dalli [email protected]
Performing Arts  
Miss Reid [email protected]
Miss Edwards [email protected]
Mr Mounteney [email protected]
ICT & Computing  
Mr Murphy [email protected]
Mr Morrison [email protected]
Art & Design Technology  
Mrs Geehan [email protected]
Mr Grey [email protected]
Mr Lee [email protected]
Mr Morris [email protected]
Miss MacDonald [email protected]