Home Learning Success for Humanities – castle cake anyone?

It was a great start to the year as our students really did show off their creative talents and skills to produce their Humanities home learning projects. There were a number of castle cakes that tasted as good as they looked for the medieval projects from Year 7. A special well done to Phoebe Banham-Smith, Evie Eddy and Jamie Oram and Jasmine Goldring for her 3d castle, mote and village (as shown in the photos). There were also a number of fantastic projects produced by our Year 8s to depict the industrial revolution. Particularly impressive was the motorised and electric light factory made by Coby Fleetwood and Stephenson’s steam locomotive ‘The Rocket’ model and plaque made by Leni Cole (as shown in the photos). Mrs Copeland was delighted to meet with students and issue praise points for their efforts and is look forward to seeing what the students will produce for their next projects – well done to all!