Geography Fest from our Year 7s and their home learning

The Headteacher, Mrs Copeland, was extremely pleased today to congratulate some of our Year 7s on their amazing Geography home learning projects. Students had been asked to create a representation of some famous geographical locations in the world using whatever materials they choose to work with.

There were cakes made depicting Lake Hillier in Australia, superbly shaped to mirror the outline of the lake with pink icing for it’s saline waters, Lake Baikal in Russia with it’s ice blue waters, and the Tianzi mountains with their peaks peeking out of the clouds of white icing and the Crystal Caves. The cakes looked amazing and we are sure they will be just as amazing to eat(apart from the raw broccoli used for the trees around Lake Hillier)! Some students chose to make models of the Lakes and of the Chocolate Hills in the Phillipines, as well as drawings and paintings of the Deadvlue, Nambia.

The effort and attention to detail demonstrated in the cakes, models and pictures was fantastic and a real credit to their determination to produce high quality homework. Well done to all below – Headteacher’s commendations will be coming your way. #aimhigh #aspiration #teamtrafalgar

Lila B – Deadvlue, Jake H – Crystal Cave, Amira Q – Deadvlue, Thoms S – Lake Hillier, Aaron C – Tianzi Mountains, Violet M – Lake Baikal, Isabelle M – Chocolate Hills, Jordan M – Lake Hillier, Harris H – Lake Hillier.

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