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“I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” Isaac Asimov

ARTICLE 17 : Every child has the right to reliable information from the media. This should be information that children can understand. Governments must help protect children from materials that could harm them.

Intent: More than ever ICT understanding is integral to modern lives; extending from personal use or social media to the principal tool for modern work. For young people, knowing how to stay safe and avoid danger online is paramount. For their future career, a clear understanding of the possibilities computers offer to increase productivity and reduce effort is crucial. The pervasiveness of technology means that even basic understanding of a device’s operation is advantageous. The curriculum should support all aspects of understanding under the broad umbrella of ICT. It should also seek to push learners to fully immerse themselves in the world of computers so that they can take full advantage of the possibilities on offer. The intention of the ICT and Business Department is to support and enhance student learning leading them to be safe, confident and creative users.

  • Long term planning is in place for all areas of ICT and Business – ICT (KS3), Computer Science (Y9 and GCSE), Interactive Media (Year 9 and GCSE) and Business. The curriculum will be designed to contain detail on: context, knowledge, skills, learning objectives, learning outcomes, learning activities, differentiation and resources, summative and formative assessments.
  • Schemes of learning encourage progression, focusing on developing subject KPIs and GCSE AOs, with a view to exceeding national standards.
  • There is consistency in terms of curriculum assessment across ICT and Business department. The aim is to have the same knowledge and skills assessed by the same assessments but delivered in the method each individual teacher feels is most appropriate for their class. All assessments will be processed in the same way.
  • Appropriate awarding bodies and courses are selected so that they best meet the learning needs of our students. Teachers are fully qualified to deliver all subjects. 
  • ICT and Business HOD keeps the appropriate members of SLT informed of proposed changes to curriculum delivery or content.
  • Student progress is reviewed on a regular basis and informs teaching and learning.
  • The ICT and Business department share best practice with other colleagues in terms of curriculum design and delivery.
  • ICT and Business HOD reviews their own CPD needs and of those in their department regarding curriculum planning and delivery within their area of responsibility.

The ICT and Business curriculum will:

  • Lead to qualifications that are of worth to employers and for entry to higher level education.
  • Fulfil statutory requirements.
  • Enable students to fulfil their potential meeting the needs of students of all abilities.
  • Provide equal access for all students to a full range of learning experiences beyond statutory guidelines and requirements.
  • Prepare students to make informed and appropriate choices during KS3, KS4 and beyond.
  • Help students develop lively, enquiring minds, an ability to question, to debate and argue rationally and an ability to apply themselves to challenging levels of work.
  • Include the following characteristics: breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression, continuity and coherence.
  • Ensure continuity and progression within the school and between phases of education increasing students’ choices during their time at school.
  • Help students develop numeracy, literacy and ICT skills which can be applied across the curriculum.
  • Ensure that students' social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding is at the heart of the ICT and Business departments work in promoting fundamental British values, the rights of the child and addressing prejudice and extremism by building resilience, confidence and a sense of belonging.

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