Chromebook Update

Fantastic news! 439 students, over 50% of our school population, have already purchased a Chromebook. We are excited for them to arrive and to be able to utilise Chromebooks within our curriculum, we are confident that the use of Chromebooks will further enhance what we provide.

Some parents have told us they wanted to buy a Chromebook but missed the deadline. We are pleased to tell you that we have re-opened the portal to give you a second opportunity. Orders needs to be placed by Sunday 11th October 2020 with the first direct debit due on 25th October.

Devices will arrive in school during November. If you wish to make a purchase you can log into the portal now. An updated flyer about the scheme is attached for your information. Of course, there is a not a requirement to purchase a Chromebook and we will ensure that students who do not have a Chromebook are not disadvantaged. It is for you to decide if this purchase is right for your family.  If your child is eligible for free school meals, please do contact the school as we are able to offer substantial financial support if you would like to be part of this scheme.