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Exam Results

2018-19 Success:

At Trafalgar School we are extremely proud of our students and the successes that they had last year with their exam results—there were smiles all around as our hard working young people opened the gold envelopes containing their grades. There were of course many individual stand out performances that were noteworthy, two of which coming from our very own Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy, who even had their pictures taken for the local newspaper. As our last all boys cohort, their results put us as the third highest performing school in the city which is testament to the rapid journey of improvement we have been on over the last three years.

English, Maths and Science:

Despite a set of incredibly challenging 9-1 GCSEs, provisional progress figures for the school have increased and students have performed well in English, Maths and Science. English has continued to increase attainment each year, with students in the national top 20% for Grade 5-9 progress. In Maths student achievement has remained steady and in Science progress was at an all time high with over 72% of the cohort meeting or exceeding their target grade!

Other Subjects:

At Trafalgar School we pride ourselves in offering a wide and varied curriculum for our students. We have celebrated success stories in all subjects taught last year,  with some top progress results shown below:

Grade 5-9 Grade 7-9
English Top 20% English Lang Top 5%
Science Top 20% English Lit Top 5%
Geography Top 50% Maths Top 50%
French Top 50% Science Top 5%
Art Top 50% Computer Science Top 20%
Business Top 50% History Top 5%
PE GCSE Top 20% Art Top 5%
PE BTec Top 50% Business Top 5%
Engineering Top 20% PE BTec Top 50%

* Grade 5: Strong Pass on the new 9-1 GCSEs  

* Progress based on Fischer Family Trust targets


2018 Headline results

Progress 8: -0.74

Attainment 8: 35.84

Grade 5-9 in English and Maths: 22%

Entering EBacc: 53%  Achieving EBacc at Grade 5-9: 3%, 8% at Grade 4

2017 Headline results

Progress 8: -0.40

Attainment 8: 37.80

Grade 5-9 in English and Maths: 24%

Entering EBacc: 15%  Achieving EBacc at Grade 5-9: 4%


2016 Headline results

Basics: 39% students achieved A*-C in both English and Mathematics

Progress 8: -0.41

Attainment 8: 41.62

EBACC: entered 18% Achieved 3%

More details of our results can be found on the DFE Schools performance tables

Year 11 Destination Information

Destinations Trafalgar
  2016-17 2017-18
Percentage in education, employment or training 95.8 97
Local Authoity average percentage 95.4 95.7
Percentage SEND 95.6 100
Percentage disadvantaged 95.1 100