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Year 11 Mock Examinations and Half-term Intervention Timetable!

Year 11 will be commencing their ear 11 Mock Examinations on Monday 11th – Friday 22nd November; please find the timetable below. All Year 11 students have been given a copy of the timetable for their student planner. Preparation and revision are absolutely key to success in exams for all students. Year 11 students should have prepared their scheduled to ensure a balanced, but effective revision schedule covering all subjects, as discussed with tutors – students shouldn’t forget to utilise the revision techniques, hints and tips covered on PD Day! Please discuss the upcoming mock examinations with your child and ensure they are fully prepared and equipped.

Please also find below the timetable of option subjects intervention for Year 11 students over the half-term period. Please ensure that your child takes full advantage of this opportunity to work on their coursework, portfolio or performance, enabling them to be fully prepped and improve on their current progress – every gain is essential! #seizeeveryopportunity #aspiration #teamtrafalgar