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Year 10 Mock Examinations Week 1- 30th April / Week 2 8th May

Below you will find the timetable for the Year 10 Mock Examinations for the week beginning Monday 30th April and ending the second week on Friday 11th May 2018.  Please discuss the forthcoming examinations with your child and ensure they are fully equipped.  The equipment required is: black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and scientific calculator (spares can be given on the day for any students that have mislaid an item from the above list).

Targeted revision lessons will be happening during the school day in all subjects between now and the examinations, to ensure students are fully supported and prepared.

YEAR 10 MOCK EXAMS – 30 April 2018

Date                            Time                Subject                        Length

Tuesday 1st May         10.30am          English                         105 mins

Tuesday 1st May          1.10pm            Maths                           90 mins

Wednesday 2nd May    8.30am           Computer Science        90mins

Wednesday 2nd May   1.10pm            Maths                            90mins

Thursday 3rd May       8.30am            Food Prep.                    90mins

Thursday 3rd May       10.30am          Science                         70 mins

Friday 4th May             8.30am            Business Studies          90mins


YEAR 10 MOCK EXAMS – 9 May 2018 (7th May – Bank Holiday)

 Date                            Time               Subject                      Length

Tuesday 8th May        10.30am          English                        105mins

Tuesday 8th May         1.10pm            Maths                          90mins

Wednesday 9th May    8.30am            French                         90mins

Wednesday 9th May   10.30am          Geography                  90mins

Thursday 10th May     10.30am          Science                       70mins

Friday 11th May          8.30am            History                         105mins

Friday 11th May          10.30am          Science                        70mins