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Trafalgar School welcomes Year 3 students from Gatcombe Park

Gatcombe Park Year 3 students visit to the Science and Art Departments

Why do we use washing up liquid when we wash up? What is a foam?  How does a lava lamp work? A group of twelve Year 3 students from Gatcombe Park Primary School found the answers to these questions on their visit to the Science Department, at Trafalgar School, on Tuesday 6th March 2018.

Ms Simms, Head of Science, and Ms Gray, Science Technician, showed the group what science classes are like in secondary school and introduced some “Kitchen Chemistry”. This is where the students used basic household chemicals to observe materials with unusual properties.  Students were encouraged to develop their science skills and to work independently.

The students were then taken to Art where they had great fun designing imaginary animals, inspired by the work of Quentin Blake! We had some great designs at the end of the session as there were some real budding artists in the room. A good time was definitely had by all.

The students really enjoyed their visit, with some expressing their desire to become scientists or to study art. The students were a pleasure to teach and a credit to their school; thank you to the students for their positivity and enthusiasm on the day which made it such a success. We also need to thank the Headteacher and the accompanying staff, who made the experience possible for them.

We look forward to their next visit with us!