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Trafalgar School Spring Term Celebration Assembly

The end of term meant another opportunity to celebrate Trafalgar students’ successes and achievements, as we once again headed to the Mountbatten Centre for our whole school assembly.  Students were once again praised for their accomplishments as they took to the stage to receive their certificates and badges.  The staff and students were also entertained by the easter egg eating house competition; a glorious and messy success.  Followed by the traditional Trafalgar sing-along to ‘the greatest showman’, led enthusiastically by Mr Morris!  Excitement, anticipation and plenty of applause and cheering met the awarding of the House cups, which are highlighted below. Another Trafalgar triumph for all!  Good luck to each of the Houses and students for the end of year assembly in the Summer.

House Star Students: Britannia: Poppy Appleton, Sovereign: Wilson Shepherd, Temeraire: William Sakyi-Offei Jnr,  Victory: Eleanor Cole

Top Boy: Wilson Shepherd      Top Girl: Sheney Ponio

House Cups:-

Attendance Cup: 1st  – Sovereign (93.46%) 2nd – Temeraire (93.05%) 3rd  – Britannia (92.95%) 4th  – Victory (92.54%)

Sports Cup: 1st – Temeraire (886 appearances), 2nd – Sovereign (783 appearances), 3rd – Britannia (766 appearances),  4th – Victory (647 appearances)

Progress Cup: 1st  – Sovereign (63.8%), 2nd – Britannia and Temeraire (63.4%), 3rd – Victory (63.2%)

House Cup: 1st  – Britannia (28,070 points), 2nd – Temeraire (27,654 points), 3rd  – Sovereign (27,196 points), 4th  – Victory (26,868 points)