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Trafalgar School Sports Day – determination, resilience, success and glory!

Thursday 19th July was another first for Trafalgar School, holding our first house competition Sports Day and the atmosphere was full of excitement and determination to be the first to pick up the trophies.  Whose colours would reign supreme, which house would show the community and respect of good sportsmanship and who would win the Staff v Year10s and 9s relay!!!

It was an absolute pleasure to watch our athletes as they demonstrated their speed, agility, skill, resilience, grit and power on the track and field.  Records were broken, personal bests achieved and all under the scorching sun and soaring temperatures.  Athletes cheered their fellow team mates, staff encouraged and praised achievements and parents applauded the triumphs of individuals and house teams!


Year 7 – 1st Temeraire, 2nd Britannia, 3rd Victory, 4th Sovereign

Year 8 – 1st Sovereign, 2nd Temeraire, 3rd Britannia, 4th Victory

Year 9 – 1st Britannia, 2nd Temeraire, Joint 3rd Sovereign / Victory

Year 10 – 1st Britannia, 2nd Sovereign, 3rd Termeraire, 4th Victory

Values award for ‘Community’ awarded to Victory

There was anticipation in the air when it was announced that the points for Sports Day for each house would be added to the extra-curricular and sports points already achieved through the year, to announce the overall Sports Cup winners at the celebration assembly the following day.

A glorious day of athletic achievement, community spirit and solidarity, topped with heaps of fun was had by all.   #TeamTrafalgar   #SportsDay2018Success   #BritanniaSovereignTemeraireVictory