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Trafalgar proudly announces the new Student Heads of Houses for 2018/19!

After a very intense interview process, every student that put themselves forward for the role was a credit to themselves and the school. A lot of thought and consideration went into every application letter, interview and presentation and the students were exemplary throughout the process.

We are delighted to announce that the new Heads of Houses are as listed below and pictured above – congratulations to you all as this was well deserved!

I am looking forward to seeing what new ideas and vigour you will bring to the role, and how this will help to shape the attitudes and expectations of those around you.

Mrs Collis

• Poppy Fitzgerald
• Alex Byatt

• Kylah Collis
• Weedad Ali

• Joe Bartram
• Thalia Cleaver

• Tom Curtis
• Poppy Appleton