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Trafalgar projects ‘Respect’ for Personal Development Day 2!

Last week saw our 2nd Personal Development Day of the year where we were discussing all things ‘Respect’!

Year 7s were put straight to work on their ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ day by partaking in a fitness Boot Camp in the Hall as well as a Yoga session. They did get to experience a sleep meditation session afterwards though to allow those weary muscles to relax.

Year 8 were also considering how to respect their bodies and minds. There were mindfulness sessions, where they learnt the art of “being” in the moment as well as discussions on a healthy diet. In the afternoon, all of year 8 chose an activity that they wanted to partake in – some went to ROKO to take part in a tournament, others released some aggression in a boxing session, whilst another group went to Queen Elizabeth Country Park to get hiking active!

Year 9 were discussing sex and consent, with a focus on respectful relationships. Pupils considered a variety of scenarios and discussed “What if…?” as well as learning about contraception and some tricky STIs!

Year 10s were focused on Sex, Drugs and Alcohol for the day, with some honest and frank discussions on the impact of these on the body and mind. There was also a session with a banana, which provided lots of information – and a few giggles!

Finally, Year 11s were considering how to raise their achievement in key subjects and spent the day developing, improving and adding to their coursework or exam skills – a productive day for all involved!

Another wonderful PD day with staff and students alike beaming with smiles all day. Here’s to the new year and PD 3 – Aspiration!