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Trafalgar end of term celebrations and House Cup winners for Autumn Term

On 22nd December 2018, Trafalgar School students and staff gathered in the main hall for the termly whole school celebration assembly.  During the course of the assembly, it was clear that so much had been successfully achieved over the first term both by individuals and house teams.  There were so many awards to be given out and students to commend on their hard work and progress that hands and voices were beginning to hurt!  That was until the annual house sing off began with the 12 days of Christmas and Trafalgar students and staff started to raise the school roof with their voices.

When the house winners of the overall cups were announced in each category, the atmosphere was tense but brimming with excitement.  The students cheered and clapped as the results were read out for each and below are the results for the coveted overall House Cup, the Attendance Cup, the Home Learning Cup and the Sports Cup.  Well done to all for a very successful start to the year!

House Cup:

1st – Temeraire, 2nd – Sovereign, 3rd – Britannia, 4th – Victory


Attendance Cup:

1st – Temeraire (94.82%), 2nd – Sovereign (94.44%), 3rd – Britannia (93.14%), 4th – Victory (92.73%)


Home Learning Cup:

1st – Victory, 2nd – Britannia, 2nd – Sovereign, 3rd – Temeraire


Sports Cup:

1st – Temeraire, 2nd – Sovereign, 3rd – Victory, 4th – Britannia