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The Lord Mayor attends the ‘Raising the House Flags’ ceremony and supports TS raising student aspirations!

On Monday 5th February 2018, Trafalgar School was delighted to welcome The Lord Mayor, Commodore Cree, Commander Stratton – Chair of Governors and a host of other very important guests to witness and support the ‘Raising of the House Flags’.  This is an historic event in the school’s long history and was an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the work of the student body in leading their houses and helping to drive the school forward on our transformational journey to success.

The attendance of The Lord Mayor at the ceremony was made even more personable for our students as he himself was a former student at the school, attending the Technical High School as it was known then.  The Lord Mayor spoke to our students about his own journey, the challenges along the way and experiences he had had and how aspirational goals are so important for young people to have and aspire to.

Each Student Head of House wrote a speech and presented it to the guests, students and staff, speaking highly of and with conviction about their houses and why they were so honoured to represent them and be a part of our community.  They talked about the history of their ships in the Battle of Trafalgar and how they had shown courage, resilience and strength to become victorious.

This was an important event to Trafalgar School and it all began when the school moved to a House pastoral system this year, which has been a significant change for the school and one that the students and staff have embraced with enthusiasm and positivity. The school also launched its five core values that were selected by the students as the most vital to a successful community such as ours; Respect, Community, Resilience, Aspiration and Inclusion.

The students input and leadership has been vital in our journey and they have been empowered to lead the changes every step of the way. They voted on their House names and selected the four ships involved in the Battle of Trafalgar.  A whole school tutor competition was then launched for students to design their ‘House Flag’ with our core values also at the fore. The winning students worked with a graphics designer to produce their final design, which has now been turned into our flags.

The students who designed the flags were there to see them raised by our four sailors from HMS Collingwood and they were delighted to see their house flags flying high in the February breeze.  It was a very proud moment for the Headteacher, students, staff and guests to witness.

The Headteacher, staff and students would like to send their appreciation and thanks to HMS Collingwood, Commodore Cree, Warrant Officer Clayton plus the 4 sailors in attendance for assisting and supporting us with this event to ensure that it really was a prestigious and memorable ceremony in our school’s history.