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Rock Challenge ‘Cinderella’ success for Trafalgar!

Monday night was the night that Trafalgar students took to the stage at Rock Challenge and told their modern day version of Cinderella, using their dancing and performance skills. The team of 2019 had been working incredibly hard to perfect their performance to ensure that the audience was entertained, engaged and enjoyed their interpretation. The students also demonstrated their resilience as they remained positive and worked together to re-design parts of the performance after losing a performer on the day to injury and two to illness. The students were a credit to the school and themselves and showed a real team effort both on the day and in their commitment to the entire project. They were a pleasure to watch and it was great so many staff were there to support them on the big night.

Trafalgar Team Rock Challenge achieved a fantastic total of 6 awards for their performance which were:

Excellence for Choreography
Student Leadership
Excellence for Entertainment
Positive Inclusion
School Community Support
Excellence for Soundtrack

Congratulations and well done to all of those who took part in both dancing on the stage, stage crew and behind the scenes. Most importantly, the students thoroughly immersed themselves in the whole experience and have so much fun on the day. A special thank you must go out to Miss Ayling, Miss Leach and Miss Reid who made the whole performance possible from choreographing the dance, to sewing costumes and painting sets, we are appreciative of the time and effort you gave to make this a succeed! #teamdance #aspiration #winners #teamtrafalgar