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PD Day excitement at Trafalgar School ….

Today Trafalgar School held its first Personal Development Day of the year, under the overall umbrella of one of our five core values – Community. Both staff and students were released from their normal timetables for the day and prepared themselves to welcome the numerous speakers and guest presenters who were to join us.

Each year group was given a particular focus. Year 11 took part in a First Aid certificated course, learning all about emergency and practical first aid. They had great fun trying to ‘resuscitate annie or andrew’, and they were ‘bound’ to enjoy the practical skill of bandaging! Well done Year 11, you survived training and are now qualified first aiders.

Year 10 were looking at crime and punishment, with a number of our students visiting the Magistrates Court today. The information and experience has provided them with a real understanding of the judicial system and the roles within it.

Year 9 had a venture into CSI with a murder mystery to solve using blood for DNA. We are pleased to say that their scientific skills had the culprit ‘banged to rights’, as their results clearly pointed to the guilty party.

Year 8 were imprisoned for the day …. or rather experienced first hand what a prison cell feels like with the help of the mobile cell. They sat up and took note of our ‘Prison me, no way’ visitors who gave them a gritty and honest account of what life is like when you make the wrong choices with the law. We had the privilege of welcoming former prison guards, police officer’s and many more visitors who have worked within the judicial system who gave personal accounts of their experiences.

Charity was the word for Year 7s, as they spent the day researching local charities to find out more information about them and what it is that they do. This was completed in houses with the idea that at the end of the day each house would pick their chosen charity. Each group with the houses produced a poster and delivered some amazing presentations on why their charity was so important, how people could support the cause and a charity was selected for each house- well done Year 7s!