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PD Day 2 ‘Respect’ at Trafalgar School was all about staying safe and healthy!

Trafalgar School once again welcomed guest speakers and visitors for our 2nd Personal Development Day of the year, which was all about our core value of ‘Respect’.

Year 11 were engrossed with the programme ‘PREVENT’ for the day, which is the government strategy designed to identify and prevent young people becoming radicalised and involved with extremist ideology. Although Year11 are already in full exam preparation mode, students spent the day exploring the challenging topic of Prevent and it’s related issues. As well as preparing our students to do well in their exams, we also understand we have a broader responsibility to help develop them into young adults with a knowledge of the world outside of the classroom.   The day revolved around the students learning about four areas: Prevent; exploitation, radicalisation and racism. The aim of the day was to  develop our students understanding of these wider issues, challenge their opinions and help them to gain a broader perspective on what can be very emotive subject matter. I am pleased to report that it was a really successful day with all students showing a great deal of maturity, as well as a willingness to be actively involved in the discussions held in each of the sessions run over the course of the morning.  In the afternoon Year 11 were led by Frank Cowling, in a training session on delivering Literacy and a specified programme of learning to lower school students. Again Year 11 were actively engaged, thoughtful and displayed a real understanding of the programme and it’s potential to positively impact and raise a student’s reading ability.

Year 10 were being educated about the topics of sex, drugs and alcohol – most importantly on how to keep themselves safe and healthy as they transition into adulthood.  Students were informed of the dangers of substance misuse, the effects that such addictive behaviour and use can have on not only their physical and mental health but also that of the people around them.  The Year 10s asked some very insightful questions and it was a very positive experience with everyone engaging openly and honestly.

Year 9 were taught sex education looking at different scenarios faced by young people throughout the day and had to discuss and problem solve what were good choices and bad choices to make. Sessions included: what is love and what makes a positive relationship, peer pressure, contraception and pregnancy and choices and consequences. Students also discussed who to go to for support and advice.

Year 8s were looking at healthy lifestyles with a focus on mental and physical health, but also looking at what we put into our bodies and how diet affects our moods and development.  In the afternoon, students also took part in yoga, circuit training, boxing, meditation, football, dodgeball, ‘capture the flag’ and many other enjoyable activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Year 7 were looking at keeping healthy and safe too.  They learnt about on-line safety and the dangers to be aware of, road safety and keeping mindful when out and about in the community, healthy eating, healthy mind set – growth mind set and fostering healthy relationships with friends.