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BAE Systems Education Roadshow

BAE Systems, in partnership with the RAF and the Royal Navy, Education Roadshow.

On Friday 5th May 2017, the school welcomed the ‘Education Roadshow’ which has been developed  by BAE Systems in partnership with the RAF and the Royal Navy.

The Roadshow was devised in response to the Government’s acknowledgement that there is already a shortfall of ‘home grown’ scientists and engineers to meet the needs of the country and by capturing the interest of young people aged 10 – 13, we can hopefully increase the numbers that take STEM subjects and ultimately increase the number of potential scientists and engineers of the future.

The Roadshow was split into 3 parts, the first of which explored the world of drones, the technology behind them and the multifarious uses that they are currently put to and their possible uses for the future.  The second focused on computing and control systems that all modern technology is built around. The final part of the show featured a very special robot that the students were given a chance to pitch their wits against!

The students thoroughly enjoyed the show and the fun, interactive content which was also very informative.  They particularly enjoyed the ‘robot’ and the chance to interact with it.


Mrs Dudley’s Year 7 Tutor Group gave the following feedback about the Roadshow:

‘We enjoyed the interaction between the presenters, they were all young and two were girls which was great’.

‘The binary lesson was so easy to follow and easy to understand – definitely child friendly’.

‘The Robot was sooooo cool and it was ‘female’!

‘The beginning was amazing and I didn’t expect a drone – really brilliant and exciting’.

‘I loved the fact that volunteers were allowed to have a go with the drone and the robot’.

‘It was very educational and I learnt loads’.

‘The presenter was funny and made jokes about ‘techie’ stuff’.