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Awards and applause at the end of term Trafalgar celebration assembly!

On 29th March 2018, Trafalgar School students and staff gathered in the main hall for the termly whole school celebration assembly.  During the course of the assembly, it was clear that so much had been successfully achieved over the last term, both by individuals and house teams, that hands and voices were beginning to hurt!  There were the House star students; Alexandra Byatt – Temeraire, Ellie Hoxha – Victory, Kylah Collis – Sovereign and Tom Gravier for Britannia, who were applauded and commended for their achievements as they took to the stage to receive their badges and certificates.  Then followed ‘Top Boy’ and ‘Top Girl’ praise point awards, which were achieved by Isobelle Rowley and Sam Arnold – Victory.  Amidst all of these were the values awards for both staff and students who have demonstrated, modelled and implemented our core values throughout their everyday life over the last term.

Community: Eloize Barnard, Jaya Taylor, Ashleigh Priddy, Ruby Cass, Mrs Chandler, Mr Morris, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Broad.

Resilience: Kylah Collis, Owen Smith (Y11), Mia Hart, Mrs Smith, Miss North, Miss Gorrin, Mrs Nutland, Miss Roberts and Mr Graham.

Aspiration: Jack Armour, George Edwards, Mrs Chandler, Mrs Morrison and Miss Lanfear.

Respect: Emily Harris, Dejaune Felix, Natalia Litwin, Mr Kohli and Miss Nerssessian.

Inclusion: Mariama Jaiteth, Tia Fraser, Jamie Arnell, Miss Hodge, Mr Oswald, Mrs Parsons, Miss Nerssessian, Miss Ryan and Mrs Crouch

When the house winners of the overall cups were announced in each category, the atmosphere was tense but brimming with excitement.  The students cheered and clapped as the results were read out for each and below are the results for the coveted overall House Cup, the Attendance Cup, the Home Learning Cup and the Sports Cup.  Well done to all for a very successful Spring term!

House Cup:

1st – Temeraire, 2nd – Sovereign, 3rd – Victory, 4th – Britannia

Attendance Cup:

1st – Britannia (95.63%), 2nd – Temeraire (95.28%), 3rd – Sovereign (94.84%), 4th – Victory (93.15%)

Sports Cup:

1st – Victory, 2nd – Temeraire, 3rd – Britannia, 4th – Sovereign

Home Learning Cup:

1st – Victory, 2nd – Britannia, 3rd – Sovereign, 4th – Temeraire