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AT&T Girls STEM Day – 28th March 2019

Technological change is moving faster than ever and the importance of preparing young people for this future, able to compete for its highly skilled jobs and contribute their perspective, is also more important than ever. That is why AT&T and the AT&T EMEA Women’s Network (AEWN) hosted 3 international STEM Day events, with a particular focus on girls, to consider an education and career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

On 28th March 2019, a group of Trafalgar students attended the event held at the Havant location. During the day the girls got to Experience and understand how technology moves our world (e.g. smartphone) and find out about new developments, and understand the different career paths available in a technology company.  They were also able to participate in a video conference with peers and a leader in technology, learning about what it is like to work in and contribute towards a technological environment.

They also focused on solutions and problem solving; they had to design a new undersea cable route to enable all data to be transferred worldwide at the lowest cost and shortest route possible via the Philippines. It was very interactive and the girls again got to connect with other schools worldwide via video link. Also linking their interests and hobbies to STEM careers, lots of advice on where the subjects you love can lead you to within a STEM career without you realising. It was just Trafalgar School and ALNS that were selected to attend this year and they would like to do the same next year.  The day ended with a structural challenge – spaghetti and marshmallows! #STEM #aspiration #Teamtrafalgar