Staff List

Staff List – Teaching Staff

Staff Code Forename Surname Role
CAL Carrie Alexander 2nd in Maths
TAU Tim Au Teacher of Science
DCH Deborah Barden Teacher of Geography / Ethics
CBJ Charlie Bye-Jensen Teacher of Technology
ACA Amanda Carrick Teacher of English
MCA Mark Cathie Teacher of Mathematics / Head of House Britannia
LCL Lucy Clark Director of English
BCO Bob Collins Teacher of Science
JCO Jayne Collins Head of Performing Arts
CCO Claire Copeland Head of School
MCO Martyn Coram Teacher of Ethics and Philosophy/Head of House Victory
ECO Emma Courtney Teacher of Maths
TCR Tony Crowther Head of ICT/Computing and Vocational
RDA Rebecca Davis Teacher of English
PDU Peter Dudley Head of House Temeraire /Teacher of PE
KEX Katrina Excell Teacher of Dance
LFR Lisa Freeman Head of Art and Design Technology
AGH Annika Ghose Assistant Headteacher Progress & Achievement
OGO Oriana Gorrin-Ravelo Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
JGR James Grey Teacher of Design Technology
MGR Matthew Gronow Teacher of Geography/Science and Head of House Sovereign
SHA Sarah Hale 2nd in Science
MHE Mark Hewitt Teacher of Computing/ICT
AHO Amber Hodge Teacher of Maths
JKL Jake Klopfenstein Teacher of Science
AKO Aamir Kohli Head of Modern Foreign Languages
SLA Samantha Lanfear Teacher of English/History & Literacy Coordinator
GMO Grant Morris Director of PE
JMO Janet Morrison Head of Humanities
SMU Stephen Murray Teacher of Science
LNE Laura Nerssessian Head of Girls PE
KNO Kelly North Teacher of PE and Maths
AOS Alex Oswald Teacher of English
CPA Claire Parsons Director of Maths
GPE Gemma Pearse Assistant Headteacher Personal Development, Behaviour & Well-being
FPH Fran Phillips Subject Leader: Music
ARA Alice Raeburn Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning
KRA Kelly Rauhe Teacher of Maths
CSE Catherine Seal SENCO/Teacher of English
CSI Charlene Simms Head of Science
MSK Megan Skidmore 2nd in English
GTO Genevieve-Marie Top Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
KWA Kirsty Watts Teacher of English

Staff List - Students

Staff Code Forename Surname Role
ACL Adam Cleaver Geography
JKE Jade Kennedy English
XBL Xian Blackman-Price History
ASA Amy Sanchez Science
CFU Chris Furnell PE

Staff List - Support Staff

Staff Code Forename Surname Role
SAL Sue Allen Cleaner
SMA Sam Allen Cleaner
YBR Yvonne Barber Site Development Manager
JBA Jackie Bayne Cleaner
JBE John Beveridge Site / Facilities and Community Manager
MBO Martina Bodnarova Cleaner
SBR Susan Broad Administrative Assistant
ACO Amanda Collis Administration Manager / Head’s Personal Assistant
SCO Sonia Cox Cleaner
TCR Tracy Crouch Senior Inclusion Assistant
JDA Jillian Davey Student Services Assistant
ADA Allan Davies Art Technician
CDR Chloe Dridge Lead Teaching Assistant
YDU Yvonne Dudley Senior Inclusion Assistant
FFR Frances Fraser Inclusion Assistant
SGE Susan Genan Learning Resources Centre Manager
AGO Alex Gordon Facilities Assistant
AGR Angela Gray Science Technician
HHA Hazel Hammond Student Services Manager
BHA Billy Hartley-Mills Apprentice IT Technician
THU Terri Humby Inclusion Assistant
MJO Matt Johnson Facilities Assistant
MLA Mark Latter Facilities Assistant
JLE Jodie Leason-Bentley Deputy SENCO
MMA Maria Marsh Inclusion Assistant
JMU Jacqui Murphy Senior Administration Assistant
ENI Emma Nicks Mental Health Lead
SNU Sharon Nutland Deputy Admin. Manager
JOS John Osborne IT Technician
CPA Catherina Patia-Szabo Cleaner
JPE Joanne Pervin Inclusion Assistant
SPO Su Powell Attendance/Family Support Worker
CRA Chris Ratsey Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
TRO Trecie Roberts Lead Teaching Assistant
HRO Helen Robson Deputy Student Services Manager
JRO Janet Robson Head of Cleaning Team
SRY Stacey Ryan Head of Centre SEMH
ESH Emma Shiers Head of ARC Centre
JSH Julie Shuttleworth Higher Level Teaching Assistant
JSM Julie Smith Higher Level Teaching Assistant
PST Paul Stoner Technology Technician
GSU Gillian Sutton Lunchtime Supervisor
CUS Chantelle Usher Inclusion Assistant
JWI Joyce Winkworth Cleaner
SWY Sara Wyles Inclusion Administrative Assistant ARC
PYO Paula Young Lead Inclusion Assistant