The Autism Resource Centre

The Autism Resource Centre at Trafalgar School welcomes six students who are on the Autistic Spectrum. The centre is divided into two rooms allowing specialised teaching. The learning room is equipped with individual work bays where students can work independently. The social room is a welcoming environment, which is used during unstructured times such as break time and lunchtime. The centre also benefits from a sensory room and private toilet facilities.

All staff have training and experience in working with pupils with Autism. Staff work flexibly across a range of pupils supporting their individual needs in order to achieve the outcomes set in their Education Health & Care Plans. Staff in the resource centre work closely with the Intervention department in school and with external agencies. These include the Educational Psychology service, the Speech and Language service, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and Occupational Therapy. We work closely with local primary schools to help with the transition from primary to secondary. We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible.

We are an inclusive school and all teachers plan to include everyone in their lessons ensuring that work is provided at the appropriate levels, differentiated if necessary, for students to access their learning and make good progress. For most pupils within the centre, they will spend the majority of time in mainstream lessons learning alongside their peers. Our students take an active part in school life such as engaging with peers and enjoying school trips.  Alongside mainstream lessons, students attached to the centre receive personalised timetables to work on a wide variety of different interventions including: social and emotional communication skills, emotional regulation, building self-esteem, anxiety, anger management, independent skills, fine and gross motor skills. Students are supported using a range of strategies including individual and group work, visual support, role play and social stories. We work with students who have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. Our sensory room offers space for the students whose sensory differences can affect their ability to deal with everyday situations, and allows them to manage this in a safe and secure environment. We use tools such as weighted blankets, lights, fiddle toys, chew bands and textured objects. Our sensory room is also equipped with padded mats and bean bags to manage heightened behaviours.

We want your child to come to our provision and find happiness and fulfilment, while achieving their full potential. We aim to develop independence to avoid the highly dependent relationships that can occur when a student spends all of their time at school being supported. We want the students to leave school with the ability to attend further education or follow their desired career path, with the social, emotional and communication skills to achieve this.