Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support in Portsmouth

Mental Health Lead and School Counsellor – Emma Nicks

As Trafalgar School’s Mental Health Lead, I would like parents and carers to be aware of the following external interventions. The interventions are available to both themselves and their children to access in the Portsmouth area.


Young People Local Support

Off The Record (Fratton Road)

Sadly the young person’s counselling service in Portsmouth closed its doors in January 2017. Some pupils had been on the Off The Record’s waiting list and have since been offered an alternative location in the Havant area for Off The Record support.



Relate have taken over the young person’s counselling service in Portsmouth and are located in the Cosham area.

Just as Off The Record had previously done, Relate have a drop in service.

Portsmouth & District Relate Centre
58D High Street, Cosham


Portsmouth Young Carers

Portsmouth Young Carers run weekly groups that are packed full of fun and give young carers a chance to have a break from their caring responsibilities. Young carers are able to act like young people and not have to act like an adult.

Telephone Number 02392851864


Trafalgar Young Carers Group

The group is held every Wednesday during the lunch break in Mrs Dudley’s tutor room. Mark Harold from Portsmouth Young Carers runs this group.

Please let either myself or Mrs Dudley know if your son or daughters are young carers. If you are unsure, then please get in contact and we can have a chat.


4U Project

The 4U Project is for Portsmouth’s LGBT young people (Ages 11yrs – 19yrs) to access.

Mark Harold runs the group

Telephone 07931536973


Trafalgar School LGBT

We have a peer led LGBT group that is held every Wednesday in the Counselling room.


Parent and Carers Support in the Portsmouth area

Parent and Carers are important to us here at Trafalgar School. So it is really important that when you find yourself struggling with your son or daughter, that you are accessing the support that you deserve.

Please do not feel that you need to suffer alone or view accessing support as a weakness. At Trafalgar School, we see this as strength and there is absolutely no stigma attached to any of the support listed below.


Parenting Advice Sessions

In the Portsmouth area, we are lucky enough to have three Parent Practitioners. Lorraine Morgan, Kate Durant and Tracy Brooks run advice sessions at Paulsgrove Children’s Centre Tel 02392385995 and Northern Parade Children’s Centre Tel 02392660866.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your son or daughter, why not telephone your local Children’s Centre to book a place for some advice?


Who’s in Charge?

The Parenting Practitioners also now run a course for Parents and Carers of young people aged 10 to 18 years who are out of control, violent or defiant.


Trafalgar School

Lorraine Morgan will also be kindly joining us here at Trafalgar School on nights. Lorraine will be setting up the Parenting Advice stall in the hall so parents and carers may wish to have a chat with her.


Family Lives (24hr Support)

Another valuable support available for parent and carers is Family Lives. There is online advice and information on all aspects of family life.

Family Lives FREE confidential helpline Telephone 08088002222 (formerly known as Parent Line)