Support at Trafalgar

At Trafalgar school we support children with a range of needs including: cognition and learning, social emotional and mental health, speech and language, sensory impairment, Autism Spectrum Condition and physical needs. The Intervention team support the students during lessons with work differentiated to the students’ needs so that they are able to access the curriculum. In addition to this, the Intervention team will lead groups and 1:1 interventions designed specifically for the students’ individual needs.

We work closely with outside agencies such as: The Occupational Therapy team, CAMHS, The Educational Psychology team, The Speech and Language Therapy team, to guide us with the support of the students here at Trafalgar School.

Children with physical needs such as fine and gross motor skills, are supported by the Intervention team with exercises designed to support their development. One of the interventions we run to support children with these difficulties is a handwriting and coordination group, which runs termly. The group offers support through a range of activities such as: hand football, making puppets tying shoelaces and ties, as well as practicing touch typing.

We support students with speech and language difficulties through a range of strategies used both in class and small groups. Some children may find it difficult to access learning or play because of a difficulty with speech and language, and it is part of the Intervention team’s role to help support children with this, enabling them to access their learning. We help improve children’s social and emotional development as well as the further development of language skills. We aim to ensure that a child’s barrier to learning does not cause them emotional distress.

At the beginning of year 7 the students complete a reading and spelling test to determine what their reading and spelling ages are. They will also complete a Cognitive Ability Test. These tests help us to ensure that we are aware of all students that may have difficulties with learning. If the student’s level is particularly low or staff have a particular concern regarding a student, the student may be asked to attend an intervention group within the Intervention department. The intervention groups run termly throughout the year.

The interventions we offer are: literacy groups, numeracy groups, 1:1 support, precision teaching, curriculum learning support and reading and spelling groups. Within these groups, we focus on aspects of learning that the students are struggling with, proving support using various specialist teaching and learning strategies.

We offer a break and lunch time club for students who struggle socially during unstructured times of the day. This is a safe, quiet area where they can feel comfortable and make friends. This is facilitated through staff members who oversee the club.

If you would like more information about the support available for students at Trafalgar, please look at our SEN policy and Information Report.

If you would like more information about the support available in Portsmouth, please visit the local offer website at