At Trafalgar School, we know there are many good things about the internet, but there are also many risks. Students are taught about E-Safety and encouraged to be careful online, and taught ways to keep safe.  Our internet is restricted, and students cannot access inappropriate sites from our PCs.

Keeping children safe online is often a major concern for parents, especially as our children and young people seem to be more knowledgeable about computers and mobile technology than we are. Many young people have friendship groups which exist solely online and most are actively involved with social media. Examples of online social opportunities could be: Xbox, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat.

It is important we ensure that children and young people are safeguarded in the virtual world as robustly as they are in the real one.

Tips for Parents

  • Monitor what your child is accessing on the internet
  • Know your child’s passwords
  • Make sure your child’s privacy settings are set to high (so information can only be seen by friends)
  • Make sure your child does not give out personal information, for example phone numbers or email addresses, to anyone they don’t already know
  • Never ignore the issue, even your child can put themselves at risk unknowingly.

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