Trafalgar School was rated as a 'Good' school by OFSTED in May 2018 and forms part of the Salterns Academy Trust, established in partnership with Admiral Lord Nelson School. We are a UNICEF rights respecting school and we celebrate our diverse and varied mixture of students and teachers. We strongly believe that Trafalgar offers an excellent education opportunity for your child and it is our aspiration to be a centre of excellence for our community.

In May 2018 OFSTED commented that,

'Pupils talk enthusiastically about the school's values of respect, community, resilience, aspiration and inclusion and they understand how these contribute to the caring atmosphere in the school.'

'Pupils and staff agree that personal development and welfare are very important to the school community. Strong relationships underpin this caring atmosphere. On more that one occasion, pupils described the school community as being 'like a family'.'

'Strong, respectful relationships between teachers and pupils lead to interesting lessons in which pupils enjoy their learning'. 

If you would like to view our facilities, our curriculum and have a tour of the school please use the contact details on the contact us page.

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 the current prospectus by clicking here.


To view the Trafalgar Admission policy for 2019/2020 click here.


To view the Trafalgar Admission policy for 2018/2019 click here.


All applications for admissions are dealt with by Portsmouth City Council's admissions team.  For useful information about all aspects of the admissions process please visit

Trafalgar school will be allocated a catchment area for the 2017/2018 academic year and we would very much like to involve you in this process. It is our aspiration to be a centre of excellence for our community.


Trafalgar School Admission Policy Consultation for 2020/2021

The Governing Body at Trafalgar School are asking stakeholders to formally consult on Trafalgar School Admission Policy 2020/21.

The Governing Body are required by law, to consult to changes to the Admission Policy.  Consultation is required to have been completed by Friday 3rd January 2019 and admissions arrangements determined by 28th February 2019.

A copy of the proposed Trafalgar School Policy for 2020/21 can be found below and on our correspondence page.  The only changes to policy is that children of staff employed at the school has been added to the admission priority order at 4(iv).

If you would like us to consider any objections to this change I would be grateful to receive your feedback to the above consultation by Friday 18th January 2019. Please see the consultation form below for further instructions.

Please feel free to contact the school or email: regarding any issues relating to this consultation.

To view the Trafalgar Admission Policy for 2020/2021 click here.

To view the Trafalgar Admission Policy Consultation Form click here.